raw and distorted

“I think sometimes people overthink punk and try to reinvent the wheel and it just comes across as fucking shit. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re just trying to make it roll,” says Foat, the bassist of new Vancouver band Despair. “What we’re trying to do is D-beat with no frills. Bring it back to the basics so it’s what it’s meant to be. More Discharge worship, less fucking wankery, distorted, bone out everything,” adds John, the lead singer. Continue reading DESPAIR


SLEEP - COMMODORE BALLROOM - Vancouver 2015 - tiina liimu music photography
SLEEP – COMMODORE BALLROOM – tiina liimu photo

Commodore Ballroom – February 7, 2015

Approaching the Commodore, you could hear the sounds of a concert from the street. So in the rush to catch the opening set of Bell Witch, there was no Bell Witch to be found. Instead, local up and comers Black Wizard were at the helm. A pleasant surprise indeed and it showed as they gleefully nailed their Sabbath friendly upbeat set. Which was solid considering they probably found out on the day of the show that they’d be playing. Continue reading SLEEP – BLACK WIZARD