A project of its own

Atmospheric, dark, metal-tainted and Brooklyn rooted. The hypnotic Kayo Dot plunges and glides into watery and deep earth elements. Riveting tracks, a sonic drift casting a broad net collecting, arching and winding with a rhizome like anatomy. Feeders draw and anchor from gothic and avant textures. Surfacing at unpredicted points, composer Toby Driver emerges with a few thoughts on the latest project, Coffins on Io. Continue reading KAYO DOT


suffocating the world, one breath at a time

It’s not a cliché when a small town band makes its move to the city. It’s a right of passage. Most will wither away or get lost in the streets. Few actually prevail. Black Breath are becoming one of those few. With small town roots from Bellingham and armed with razor sharp riffs. They took Seattle by storm when they decided to make that fateful leap like so many before them. But for these burly Pacific Northwesterners there was no looking back as they swing their broad metal sword slicing the earth.

“Bellingham is great, but the opportunities for bands in Seattle was much larger. That said, you can’t just play in one town or one scene. I think it’s very important for bands to tour so that you don’t get stuck,” explains vocalist Neil McAdams. Continue reading BLACK BREATH


Radiate mystery rock

First off, please forget all pre-existing notions of a two-piece band. Really, just forget it. Who needs comparisons anyway? Is there an echo? Please turn down your radio when you call in. One argument may lie in the semantics, but what you really need is rock ‘n’ roll. This duo with Penny Jo on drums plus Bernie Joe on guitar and vocals, just radiate it and tune it to their own frequency. Catch it! It may drive you wild, it might drive you crazy and still, you can’t see it. Continue reading INVISIBLE RAY