Punk For the People

Dubbed the “AJ Pero Memorial Run Tour,” The Spits head back to Vancouver for their North West leg. The tour is in memory of drummer AJ Pero, who unfortunately died of a heart attack this past March. He was also a member of the outrageous rock ‘n’ roll outfit, Twisted Sister.

The Spits are another rock ‘n’ roll oddity and they keep up their lengthy 16-year run of fast paced mutant punk rock from outer space. These nomadic freaks, armed with synths and a bad attitude, might seem mean as hell, but somehow still leave you wanting to shake your butt. With seven albums and a million tours under their belts, these prolific party punks just keep going. Continue reading THE SPITS


Bad form still makes for a great band.

Despite their ill-mannered reputation, this may very well be one of the best bands emerging out of the local DIY gene pool. A musical momentum built on dueling guitars, heartfelt vocals, and shared punk-rock history. These charming bad apples come off with an unbelievable energy and you can’t go to one of their shows without feeling the contagion of positive force or, at least, getting hit in the face with an empty beer can. Continue reading POOR FORM


A project of its own

Atmospheric, dark, metal-tainted and Brooklyn rooted. The hypnotic Kayo Dot plunges and glides into watery and deep earth elements. Riveting tracks, a sonic drift casting a broad net collecting, arching and winding with a rhizome like anatomy. Feeders draw and anchor from gothic and avant textures. Surfacing at unpredicted points, composer Toby Driver emerges with a few thoughts on the latest project, Coffins on Io. Continue reading KAYO DOT