Wiping out the Enemy

“Songwriting is really the only pleasant part of being a musician. Everything else is horrible,” declares Rodney Anonymous, vocalist and keyboard player for Philadelphia punk band the Dead Milkmen. It’s a statement that’s hard to believe coming from a man who has been a part of the music industry for 30 years. “I’m really type A and nobody else in the music industry is… I can’t say nobody, but I’m really type A and a lot of people aren’t so I spend a lot of time waiting. ‘Oh yay I have to go wait in a van now?’ Oh goody!” he laughs. Continue reading THE DEAD MILKMEN


raw and distorted

“I think sometimes people overthink punk and try to reinvent the wheel and it just comes across as fucking shit. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re just trying to make it roll,” says Foat, the bassist of new Vancouver band Despair. “What we’re trying to do is D-beat with no frills. Bring it back to the basics so it’s what it’s meant to be. More Discharge worship, less fucking wankery, distorted, bone out everything,” adds John, the lead singer. Continue reading DESPAIR