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Another year has come and gone. Of course I’m writing this article on deadline eve. Some bad habits like procrastination linger in my sober life. At least I’m finally on top of my personal citizen paperwork. Another thing I’m on top of is compiling a personal apocalypse kit. It’s kind of like what they call a bug out pack. I’ve been stocking up on shit like flint and Lifestraws, made a bunch of beef jerky that I have frozen, and am just gathering what you would call glorified camping supplies. Continue reading SUBCULTURE JANUARY


Rich Hope and Company for Keithmas
Rich Hope and partner have been Keithmass staples

This Rock n Roll fundrager turns five

So, what does Rich Hope and His Blue Rich Rangers, The Jolts, Sh-Shakes, Strange Things, Johnny De Courcy, The Highway Kind, La Chinga, The Midnight Ramblers and The Rentalmen all have in common? Well, this handpicked crew of nine bands are gonna deliver nine takes on Keith Richards and 100% of the proceeds go the Vancouver Foodbank. Rocking into their fifth year event organizer John Hewer fills us in, on how they roll. Continue reading KEITHMAS V


Wimpy with Dimwit in Rude  Norton at the Buddha - July 12, 1979 - bev davies photo
Bev Davies photo

“Wimpy Roy”

We are at a loss for words and would like to extend our condolences to members of Vancouver’s first wave punk rock community, friends, family, fans and colleagues at Portland Hotel Society.

By now the notice of Brian “Wimpy Roy” Goble’s passing has circulated broadly. He had suffered a heart attack December 7, 2014.

Many know him for his antics as the front man for the Subhumans, but also as the bass player for The Skulls and D.O.A.

There has been an outpouring of emotions within the music community and social circles. We extend our compassion and sympathy to those who knew, were inspired by and laughed with him.

Vancouver photographer, Bev Davies has shared two of her memories with us here. Davies is a highly respected documentarian and friend of Vancouver’s early Punk Rock music community.

Wimpy with Dimwit in Rude Norton at the Buddha, July 12 1979, top left.

The Subhumans go to College - Oct 8, 1980 - Bev Davies photo
The Subhumans go to College – Oct 8, 1980 – Bev Davies photo


SUBCULTURE by wendythirteen
I’m not a person that takes to being censored in any way very well. The muckity mucks at BeatRoute don’t like when I go off the musical beaten track in my columns but how can I not when all this shit is happening around us. How many times can I discuss shitty turnouts, poor stage changeover manners or cross booking newbie promoters.

I was looking over all my articles since October 2011 when I started writing for this paper. I touch on political issues a lot. I’m a punk. A lot of activists are punks. Continue reading SUBCULTURE DECEMBER


Pop the cork on pacific punk

Not long ago, Pacific Northwest’s Mudhoney managed to cash in on a more discerning investment, something finer than a gratuitously priced bottle of vintage. This is not about a ‘90s Seattle sitcom or wineglass toting crew of celebrity. Instead, they traded in their full-time “rock star career” stocks for a different set of high notes. You will not find these four glued to the couch or caught up in complacency. Continue reading MUDHONEY



‘Because Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys was already taken!

It’s true, just Google it. But try searching for the band in question and you get nary a blip on the Internet save for a Bandcamp page. That page reveals a couple of links, one of which is a YouTube clip of the Fat Boys. Where I am going with this, you ask? Well, the plump pontificates are from the borough of Brooklyn, home to the gutter-garage scrawl of Pampers, who assault your ears quite righteously with a din of noise somewhere between the sharp punk jabs of the Spits and the cathartic crunch of the Cheater Slicks; basically a perfect fit for In The Red Records, their present label lair after a pair of now-extinct singles funded by their illegal puppy-breeding business (read: record label) Jack Shack Records. Continue reading PAMPERS


OBLITERATIONS photo by Marc Gabor
Marc Gabor photo

Strip it down to the wires

First off, lets tear out some of pages from this black book of rock’n’roll and piece together the six degrees of separation between vocalist Sam James Velde, guitarist Stephen McBean, bassist Austin Barber and drummer Flo Schanze. A question still remains in this rat’s nest of punk and metal wires. Which one of these connections will cross and which of these bare cables will burst into Obliterations? Continue reading OBLITERATIONS


BAPTISTS - Ryan Walter Wagner photo
Ryan Walter Wagner photo

Lords of the north

Vancouver! Take notice and pay attention, because in local heavy music, lesson number one is Baptists.

“Our label owner, Greg, made me some crazy concoction before we played with Pentagram in San Francisco. I don’t know what the hell he put in it, but I ended up smashing a bottle over my head onstage and then crushing some dude in the crowd. I think I got carried back to the van that night,” Continue reading BAPTISTS