suffocating the world, one breath at a time

It’s not a cliché when a small town band makes its move to the city. It’s a right of passage. Most will wither away or get lost in the streets. Few actually prevail. Black Breath are becoming one of those few. With small town roots from Bellingham and armed with razor sharp riffs. They took Seattle by storm when they decided to make that fateful leap like so many before them. But for these burly Pacific Northwesterners there was no looking back as they swing their broad metal sword slicing the earth.

“Bellingham is great, but the opportunities for bands in Seattle was much larger. That said, you can’t just play in one town or one scene. I think it’s very important for bands to tour so that you don’t get stuck,” explains vocalist Neil McAdams. Continue reading BLACK BREATH


Radiate mystery rock

First off, please forget all pre-existing notions of a two-piece band. Really, just forget it. Who needs comparisons anyway? Is there an echo? Please turn down your radio when you call in. One argument may lie in the semantics, but what you really need is rock ‘n’ roll. This duo with Penny Jo on drums plus Bernie Joe on guitar and vocals, just radiate it and tune it to their own frequency. Catch it! It may drive you wild, it might drive you crazy and still, you can’t see it. Continue reading INVISIBLE RAY


Two artists draw up their own path

Touring through the Sunrise-Hastings neighbourhood, East Vancouver’s newest tattoo shop was getting set to open their doors. This is a “right-place-right-time” story with owner-artist Paul Gardiner and tattoo artist and illustrator, Alison Lilly welcoming us for a visit. The two were busy sketching and keeping paces with their design schedule. When asked about the shop name, both in unison blurted out “Tom Waits.” It was a little inspiration from the recording artist’s massive album. Continue reading BLACK RIDER TATTOO


Unapologetically rock and roll

The world may know Enid Williams as bassist and vocalists of the long-running all-female rock band Girlschool, but Mimi doesn’t care about this because Mimi is a cat. “I’ve got a very vocal cat, her name’s Mimi, and it’s very appropriate. Me-Me and now is her ‘Me’ time where she gets very demanding and absolutely insists that I play with her. So I apologize for the racket in the background,” Williams laughs. Despite Mimi’s antics, Williams was able to talk about the iconic Girlschool, a group that was part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal right alongside bands like Motörhead. Continue reading GIRLSCHOOL


You don’t need balls to party with the Ace of Spays

More than just your average metal show, Neuterhead’s third annual variety show will see diverse tunes, raffle draws, and even a stand-up comedian. All this, to raise funds for animal rescue, vet access and hospice care. The show offers a chance to see some of the heavyweights in Vancouver’s metal scene playing classic jams, with the added opportunity of winning great prizes, the proceeds of which will go towards supporting a great cause. Now you can’t get that at your local corner store. Continue reading NEÜTERHEAD